Yep, you have found a nerd! Complete with glasses and pocket protector. Find A Nerd performs computer tuning, programming and network consulting. Since the year 2000 we have assisted people at home and corporations with their computing needs. Over 20 prior experience in project management and IT Direction can make a positive difference for you.
Services Offered How Much Does This Cost
Evaluate your IT infrastructure (Power. Wiring) Audit your Communications Spending Evaluate if your machine is worth saving Virus Detection and Removal
System Updates Upgrades of your PCs or Network Shopping Help (yes we go to the store to get the right stuff for you.) Backup Strategy
WiFi Assistance
Firewall your site Systems Design
Database Creation
Networking Cabling
Data Migration Long Term Planning First half hour FREE (new customers) $75 an hour No Charge Warranty (if there is not a reasonable resolution there is no charge.) Surcharge for travel may be applied if further than 20 miles from Audubon, PA.